A fundamental need, a practice, a vision...

Every product we hold, every space we enter leaves a feeling on us. We live with that sense, we remember that emotion.

A place gives us a chance to feel good, a chance to relax or invites us on a journey to experience what it wants us to feel.
Ukiyo Interiors designs and builds such spaces, bearing in mind the user's decisions and needs.

Founded by Tuna Şentuna (Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Evironmental Design - Bachelor's Degree), Ukiyo Architecture and Interior Design aims to achieve all the design needs of the customer whether it is a room in a cosy house, a private villa, a café, a restaurant, a sports center, an office or a hotel with hundreds of rooms.
You name your needs, we design and build.

Ukiyo | living in the moment, detached from the usual